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lil_miss_sexy's Journal

CuTiE* CaNdiE
24 July
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my name is CaNdiE
I'm a cutie from Alabama (God Bless America! WE RULZ!!)
I'm 5'6, 100 pounds and I'm a model cuz im so beautiful!!!
when im older, I am going to be an actress ;)

My best friendz are Carly, Crissy and Jena! i luv dat girl.

I'm also a cheerleader and i'm single...sorta! ?
I LOVE mr. rickles so bad!!!!!!! *ahhh!!!*
he is sooo fine!

Christina is like, my idol you know, that girl can sing! mmm hmm!

anywayZ dats is all for now!!!!
luv - candie!